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01:30am 12/04/2003
mood: apathetic
interdisciplinary inhibitions that vary/
interstitial physics wary of commisioned obituaries/
excessive bleeding, death measures everincreasing/
of exceptional leaders with deft contextual meanings/
an irrational lack of patience's practical application/
making reactive animalistic basic tactics activated/
the amniotic fluids grant technologically fluent/
apt phenomenal usage of comprehensive dominant music/
devoted processes concepts of audible message/
combined with optimal lessons altering direction/
from scholars and chemists, doctors and biologist professions/
with doctorate assessments presented encompassing a knowledge appendix/
root tonic, due process, euphoric, bubonic, /
truths fostered, new logic, entombed sonic boom project/
continuous pessimists with limited evidence/
elicit inefficient sentences, temperature sensitive/
predilection of doubting rants, white, yellow, brown or black/
I dissect and mount on a rack, of a hydroelectric power plant/
locked in a tormenting vision of a fraudulent system/
with poisonous venom ecology spawning organisms /
common patrons' tolerance to philosophical statements/
opposite to observation of a velocity wavelength/
I mix cancer mothers, dads and sons’ inanimate brothers/
family and lovers, acupuncture stabs until bacteria cancels each other/
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03:04am 28/03/2003
mood: melancholy
a planet of mafiosos in the CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO/
downplaying their indefinite worth, like EVA: DEATH AND REBIRTH/
looking through a window with the retribution of JIN-ROH/
shedding tears, fearing this day, being SPIRITED AWAY/
the infernal purging that words can do can create the PERFECT BLUE/
cynical bastards' critical standards missed by a MILLENIUM ACTRESS/
the thoughts I use, emerge from tales of the DARKSIDE BLUES/
and rapidfire redundancy, of VAMPIRE HUNTER D/
I sip the cold venom, and become RUROUNI KENSHIN/
and my hope lingers, inside stone pillars, in the ZONE OF THE ENDERS/
I make the inciters die, bury them in the GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES/
then tell the bodies a tale from afar, of the RAIL OF THE STAR/
they carelessly teared the cushion where a slumbering BAREFOOT GEN/
would rest in the nightly unsightly mind, of X/1999/
telling me he'd fit in the MEMORIES of SPRIGGAN/
auctioning off the stratum, in the METROPOLIS'S ARMAGEDDON/
seeing the light without a STREET FIGHTER ALPHA/
biological host to the cells, of a GHOST IN THE SHELL/
though I may have been injured slow, I proceed to read the NINJA SCROLL/
and follow the wind in the best direction, after my NINJA RESURRECTION/
under a trap to kill, shedding BLOOD from the SHADOW SKILL/
bad attractors within the limitless, BLACK MAGIC M66/
undulating success, undone from the GUNDRESS/
adapting rapidly, planting inapplicably, hatched from the APPLESEED/
questioning the slow day and MONONOKE investing in an ESCAFLOWNE/
rocket boosters, halting the group of NAUSICAA and LAPUTA/
hemoglobin in the brain's distorted flow, from MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO/
intrinsically venomous verses delivered by KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE/
emitted in four bars, with strength of the FIST OF THE NORTH STAR/
apt to be battle scarred, from going after the DRAGONBALL/
or tactical blastoff with the craft MACROSS/
punctured, thin and empty, a GUNDAM living in a WICKED CITY/
living the ugliest life, with only ONE PIECE of a KITE/
leading kids astray as they laugh at the SIN displayed in BLACKJACK/
almost disturbing and obscene, as GOLGO 13/
the overly proper presidios watching OTAKU NO VIDEO/
in a tomb they stress in awkward fits, a DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS/
life's hard as a bastard in the TWILIGHT OF THE DARK MASTER/
so bring the holy and godly, the WINGS OF HONNEAMISE/
and damn the name of a preacher with the BATTLE ANGEL ALITA/
but refuse to strap it on, the SUPER ATRAGON/
amazingly and purely, I raise my FATAL FURY/
until the sober is over me, and ROUJIN-Z/
wrapped in isoceles copy, attacking GRAPPLER BAKI/
allotting him chances at damaging me, with the force of MAZINGER Z/
I learned the pressing nostalgia of the LEGEND OF CRYSTANIA/
trapped inside of a crushed frame, watching the BLACK LION'S BLOOD REIGN/
slashing offenders with the WRATH OF THE NINJA/
writing a capacity payload in the NIGHT OF THE GALACTIC RAILROAD/
and bringing to the payoff, the eternal SPRING AND CHAOS/
day to day talking to seasoned pretenders, about HADES PROJECT ZEORYMER/
talking and talking longer, I learned of the HARLOCK SAGA/
and his being enveloped in darkness, by QUEEN EMERALDAS/
a blazing fog strata, the AMON SAGA/
glam and fiery swords, inside the doors, VAMPIRE WARS and PSYCHIC WARS/
utilizing the hate instead, they poison the ANGEL'S EGG/
and proceed to watch it sing, as it rises on GARZEY'S WING/
men die easy, reincarnated and named KINDAICHI/
kevlar vests won't stop the mortars, flying from the PET SHOP OF HORRORS/
a meditator's war stunned by the DETONATOR ORGUN/
he'd seen the destined plan, of the GREEN LEGEND RAN/
and though he'd raced the plain a lot he'd never seen the ANGEL COP/
mouthing off, sally forth, south, east, north, BOUNTY DOG/
a lamp drops life asunder, like a LANDLOCKEd BIOHUNTER/
it might liven the triteness of the planet, if I call the PSYCHO DIVER a BASTARD!!/
I've been here before in the past traps, during the BIG WARS I was CATNAPPED/
by the type who bears a heart within, a CYBERNETICS GUARDIAN/
unwillingly thanking these DOMINION TANK POLICE/
for policing this voodoo ridden DEMON CITY SHINJUKU/
opposable appendages banned for resembling DEVILMAN/
might strike terror, into the heart of a KIMERA/
I spray daft banter in the wake of 8TH MAN AFTER/
the type to sit and lay low in a CYBER CITY OEDO/
older generations forfeit youth while I carry the SWORD FOR TRUTH/
in this kind of scene, I become similar to RIDING BEAN/
and begin tapping each dimension for a massive BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN/
heed the lore, of the greed behind the VENUS WARS/
the sickness and grand seizures, A WIND NAMED AMNESIA/
ungratefulness in soldiers won't lead to a SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA/
or dominant heroes, saving the world from APOCALYPSE ZERO/
rather, under most stunted growth lies a unfunctioning CRUSHER JOE/
so hopeful kids abide by GOKU: MIDNIGHT EYE/
and choose to watch the show, YU YU HAKUSHO/
and bathe with tranquil faeries in the ANGEL SANCTUARY/
while lust for one's life is a BUBBLEGUM CRISIS/
receding lives and leading lies either READ OR DIE/
no self enhancers, or a stealthy MELTY LANCER/
fearing decerebrate brains from SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN/
they seldom tell things, selling hells to HELLSING/
and paparazzi kamikaze for kami-sama's GASARAKI/
and car tuneups, don't start with ARJUNA/
the whole globe's creator, she's a known SOULTAKER/
with a not-alive son rising into the horizon holding the TRIGUN/
couldn't stop it at random, he's now a BOOGIEPOP PHANTOM./

i'm the biggest fucking nerd ever.
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11:12pm 23/03/2003
mood: angry
electrical surges and domestic disturbances/
inevitable terminus from american medical services/
ethnicities shed tears stressing and expressing fears/
fascists in western hemispheres addicted to death this year/
rapidly becoming a casualty of governmental apathy/
underlying anarchy because the prison labor forces are demanding me/
because of my racial tones, digging in excavation holes/
no escaping the road to population control/
urban vicinities burning to a crisp with ease/
a world of infinite peace turned to viciousness's eve/
colonistic robbers took the first lady and shot her/
for the almighty dollar, formed a militant armada/
flames ignited inciting race riots for what hateful and lifeless whites did/
publically murdered famous writers from native islands/
citizens blaming them, catching denizens with similar skin and viciously maiming them/
firing on them with nine millimetre chambering/
fist and feet cracking the skull the brain was in/
epidermal punctures draining them of the arterial fluids the womb placed in them/
my mind is encapsulating the last generations/
of the gap placed inbetween panicking and patience/
fascist and racist, that that has shape and that that's shapeless/
memorable faces and the faceless nameless, openminded and the jaded/
the last remnant of sanity, semblance of humanity/
ninety nine point nine percent functional mental faculties/
between sanitary and contaminated, volatile and vaccinated/
the voluntarily disengaged and the activated/
cocking back the hammers of twin point twenty fire bullet diameter/
sigarms of custom manufacture and assuming proper defensive stature/
mobilizing tactical data hacked from nasa/
trajectory necessary to cause celestial bodies to impact colonized plazas and murder bystanders/
a disillusioned african expatriate/
planning to impact the planet with meteorite fragments/
utilizing telepathics/
to take the vision of your ostensibly utopian fantasy and shatter it/
the general hospital operas in television ocular monitors/
excessive sex and optimal violence in society's collective dominant conscious/
presidential primaries morbidly resembling/
George Orwell's 1984 prediction, whoring and sinning/
wishing the establishment's political entanglement/
was explicitly tampered with transmitted contaminants/
severing the central nervous after entering with the purposes/
of exiting through the epidermis's external surfaces/
bioengineering teams taking samples of DNA from you/
engraining tenacious flus in chromosomal data through mentholated tubes/
missile defense systems established for international wars/
raise more questions than they can provide rational answers for/
in the middle of the pacific, carrying out militaristic/
propositions of weaponry systems that're sadistic/
illegal financial backing and provisions leave blood smeared on the business/
launch windows consisting of mere minutes/
senior defense officials considered high above the public/
receiving video feeds and teleconferencing of it/
they consider the death championing a project/
putting forward tentative plans to counteract hostile deployment/
debates intensifying about costs and diplomatic comments/
participant graduates from harvard and lockheed martin/
the ramifications of deploying weapons that serve to guard against/
long range metal objects traveling across the antarctic/
aiming at potential targets/
potentially hostile martyrs considered dangerous by the state department/
the united states defense establishment's arms race/
for sensors that discriminate warheads from decoys in space/
integrating components intact/
sonars disorienting high resolution radar hours before impact/
specializing teams for accolades in a corrupt state/
documentation underplays custom made upgrades/
secretive conferences hidden from the skepticism of the populace/
discussing smuggling complex navigational electronics/
intercontinental ballistics interrupt transmissions through digital/
encrypted signals prohibitively impenetrable/
the probability and possibility is sabatoged facilities/
infiltration and responsive defensive teams/
shipments avoiding the public conscious/
disguising incoming delivered armament in boxes of antibiotics/
methods of nuclear disposal supposedly harmless/
burial of the material in a botulism spawning process/
bombing onslaughts prompted/
originating in installations situated on island outcroppings/
demonic technology leaves behind smoldering carcasses of former targets/
blast radius and collateral damage enormous/
explosions white hot causing skeletal frames to darken/
burning internal organs to molecular oxidants/
I stare at this war shit, the darkest darkness that could possibly be conjured/
by the human subconscious until it causes me to vomit/
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i'm never hesitant, to say fuck the president   
12:22am 19/03/2003
mood: pissed the fuck off
i set the effigy ablaze, direct telepathy to gaze/
ahead several weeks and days to see if necessity remains/
trapped within a sinful simcity simplicity simply/
lapses and spills ignorance and envy until it's empty/
romanian cathedrals placed the evils in easily entertained people/
and they gained peace through the hypodermic needle/
conspiring liars/
the real world leaders are gun and drug suppliers and political proprieters/
and dot com startups who use subterfuge to undercover fund their product/
with prostitutionally earned dollars/
the all consuming greed devouring life, devouring light/
devouring the third eye's retinal eyesight/
devouring acolytes, devouring earth from exterior mountain to interior mantle/
devour it like the tower of babel, devour till nothing remains but shrapnel/
high above the earth in concealment in a secret spaceship/
people who resemble elohim tend to the garden of eden naked/
without freedom in a master and slave relationship/
with no choice but to stay put and waste away in it/
the world is eat or be eaten/
beast demons attached to churches feeding from the holy ghost when the preacher's preaching/
then they crawl in a hole with a part of your soul's/
electromagnetic energy harnessed from a host, calling upon gods and the cross with false hopes/
the serpent fruit made knowledge limitless/
so we endlessly bicker our little differences and religiously study biblical print from birth to death certificates/
but to whom's benefit? in the future christian fundamentalists/
will attempt, a second crusade systematically exterminating innocents/
depending on which savior's name they call upon for their deliverance/
missionaries militant, quoting john 3:16 before the killings commence/
they'll launch patriots and ICBM's into foreign regions/
then send ethnic cleaning teams in to confirm the heathens' no longer breathing/
to keep someone from exposing the truth, they blow up a nuke/
and murder their own youth, their own soldiers and troops/
and put their dog tags in civilian museums for show in a booth/
sooner or later you'll be required to show and to prove/

"I'm never hesitant to say FUCK THE PRESIDENT" ( -Jurassic 5 "Ducky Boy" )
"Don't you dare underestimate me, You arrogant bastard!" ( Terry Bogard, Fatal Fury movie )
"War is extremely serious and it saddens me" ( Masta Killa, "Assassination Day" )
"One bomb, and everybody's dead, that's some sick shit" ( Canibus "Drama A/T" )
"Don't y'all think that's FUCKED UP!?!?" ( Jan Valentine, Hellsing )
"Maybe we've been taken for a ride" ( Ishikawa, Ghost in the Shell )
"You make me sick" ( Big Pun, "Dramacyde" )
"I'm gonna wipe this guy all over the street!!" ( Tetsuo, AKIRA )

your superficialism, pugilism and schisms/
your future's interim is brutal killing dependant/
till armadas of starships jettison large armaments/
into horrific orbits to leave your populace conquered/
they transform to robotic sentinels, become invisible/
and fire a billion missiles through cylindrical tubes/
and turn earth into a wasteland of hellfire, propelling wires/
into the soil and walking like cybernetic spiders/
the biochemical blueprint of experimental genetic mutants/
intelligently computing the death of humans/
a biotech revolution, inside the artificial consciousness lies/
a disk drive instructing them to commit genocide/
firing shots until every man and every plot/
of land on the megalopolis drops, and they cannot be stopped/
a legion of evil troops who'll gleefully lethally shoot the youth/
before they can illegally reproduce/
gigantic metallic snakes circumnavigate massive lakes/
searching for invalids to decapitate/
they lacerate the central processing units with gargantuan blades/
until electrical adapters deactivate/
the last survivors of the galaxial plague/
control electromagnetic waves with implants in the brain/
thoughtfully distressed with facades of heartlessness/
like the God of Death was embodied by bodily flesh/
and absolute precision's the only thing that matters to metallic killers/
with all the attributes of sinners, without the humanity intrinsic/
the invasion survivors choose the remains of ancient insane asylums/
to hide in to escape the violence/
intergalactic children of the starships/
are impacted in the cockpits with polymer tipped jacketed rockets/
the mothership's control system malfunctioning/
placing undead organisms at the helm of destructive machines/
revolutionists squeal, overdosing and abusing pills/
walking through killing fields using you as a human shield/
they talk and administer the darkness of sinister/
lost progenitors giving off heart arrhythmias/
ministers and pastors admittedly bastards/
resorting to criminalistic tactics going against the practice/
ingesting ritalin excessively and giving in/
to devils and villainous men, skeletal with sadistic grins/
the lie bearer's transmigration to a giant chimera/
to spread fire and terror and incite the antichrist era/
not a latter day saint, I would rather take paints/
and craft for eighty days until I activate the hate/
ostensibly stranded within the center of the planet/
a cynical bastard harnessing Inuit Indian magicks/
the mitochondrial eve tells God what she's perceived/
piercing his heart with her teeth, drags him to a corner and feeds/
oxygen into the lungs, pop a clip into the gun/
fire ten into the sun, armaggeddon has begun/

09:07pm 13/03/2003
mood: annoyed
i'm the world's worst somnambulistic hypocritical critic/
within this digital fiscal district, a cynical cynic statistic/
an evil cenobite observing america's preemptive strike/
weaving between the dimming lights of superficial intrinsic hype/
tiring of presidential firing at residential/
wiring of electrical stencils, sirens sing to elementals/
veritable insectoids wreck and destroy/
until unintelligible void pessimist droids jettison and deploy/
radicals doubtfully hassle and counsel me/
about the ethics of actions and policy, and valuable commodity/

fuck this shit...

rappers stepping to me, they wanna get some/
but i'm Dead Cell so yo, you know the outcome/
another victory, they can't get with me/
so pick a B.C. date, 'cause you're HISTORY./
12:27am 11/03/2003
mood: groggy
yo, my brain is lost in an ancient vault/
the brainchild of a brainstorm before being brainwashed/
an ill thesis, dwelling within legions of admitted allegiance/
where the vicious beast is, get ripped to pieces for disagreements/
rappers who run in inactive and blunted get smacked into dragons and dungeons/
i trap hundreds, make them experience massive discomfort/
you come out and fall off like airborne abortions, i'm form distorting/
raw contortions, unfortunate poisons in respiratorial organs/
verses attack rhythm like surges of tarantula venom/
the apparitions of black children's submergence in baptisms/
accepting urges for beckoning verses with secular curses/
at the edge of universes, I cause a molecular disturbance/
thoughts stated concentrated upon the audience placement/
I embody the matrix, leave you excessively nauseated/
I cross out and double cross crimson/
cross referencing cross examinations until I come across cross crucifixions/
then I cause you to pass away and bury you beneath the earth/
send your spirit to hell and immerse you in flame headfirst/
then I reincarnate you and put you through the miracle of birth/
removed from the womb and accidentally dropped on the floor by the nurse/
I hurt emcees, assertive in tournaments, verbally murdering/
like my rhyme is a boxing match and the whole Earth is the ring/
you thought you were dope till you were sighted by a targeting scope/
and your blood started to flow from your arteries onto your coat/
impenetrable venomous lyrical is getting spit at you/
until the bitch in you begins singing a completely different tune/
I murder nine Frenchmen halting turbine engines/
make their nerves and wire extensions burst into fiery liquids/
who's suspending me from bruising and inflicting crucifixions/
leave you laying in a pool of crimson, wacker than New Edition/
your poorly formed minds can't conform to mine/
it's four times the speed of a twenty four speed CD/DVD ROM drive/
while you're stuck with Alzheim's, insertion of bombs in spines/
then I sit at a distance and watch the bodily parts fly/
then I count the remaining fragments of exposed brain and jawline/
I can stop bullets in midair, with the ability to halt time/
look my name up in the rolodex, it'll inform you that I'm so complex/
that your rhyme would still be weak after weeks of training with Soloflex/
I'm leaving a legion of weak emcees bleeding with broken necks/
walk over their deceased corpses holding scrolls and texts with my eyes glowing red/
I turn Super Saiyajin level 3/
chop you to nine hundred and ninety nine pieces of the same size, let one remain for posterity/
I laugh hysterically at your wack ass for rapping terribly/
then I unmask your parody, put you in psychoanalysis therapy/
then I laugh at you outside your padded cell and drive you to insanity steadily/
your body's structural chemistry can't even compare to me genetically/
especially since I was made in the chamber of an insane geneticist's/
physiological experiments, with clairvoyance effectiveness/
have you ever seen with the naked eye a biological hybrid/
approaching a guy claiming to be the nicest/
then he takes his rhyme and gracefully divides his face into five equal parts that simultaneously fall apart like bread slices!?/
in conflicts, I'm mentally out of it, killing the superficial and counterfeit/
even the innocents surrounding it can get a disemboweling/
a dishonest solution for artificial ecological improvement/
assembling a constitution for criminal prosecution/
I look at the sky and fire a cannon at it/
till extraterrestrial rabid savages ravage the planet/
let's have a fast test to see who sends who to hell the fastest/
for future reference I'm telepathic/
chaotic phenomena, phenomenally unpopular/
watched on a monitor robbing a top secret dossier/
your purchases imitate my infernal bitterness and hate/
that purges and infiltrates, merges and assimilates/
an astrological passage leaves your hemoglobin inactive/
skyrocketing doppler massive property damage/
evasive tactics evade lasers blasting invading and attacking ships/
make neighboring planets displace and vanish/
jovial juvenile bastards holding diluted graphics/
behold beautiful caskets for the overenthusiastic/
death with viscosity isn't met with an apology/
chopping your neck solemnly with demonic technology/
you instantly implode from the intricate info/
for sniffing brimstone with a mixture of silicone/
the truth is conflicted by my usage of blueprinted physics/
even my youthful image is mutagenic/
instant madness when the intermission impacted/
agility's mastered to flip backwards and exit the planet with gymnastics/
achieving a tactical strategic factual scenery compatible/
with measurements that're equilateral/
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03:11am 06/03/2003
mood: thoughtful
when I begin breathing and talking, the scene gets awkward/
and emcees end up like a parapellegic in a mosh pit/
ominous speak, catching nuclear bombs in my teeth/
infrared crosshair targeting seeks heartbeats/
whether first or third verse, I make the whole song take a turn for the worst/
and vertically insert your words in a hearse/
assessed as retarded with exceptional sponsers/
the human genome project is catalogued in my collective conscious/
the cybernetics guardian of rap data/
treating funerals and depressing moments like it's a laughing matter/
mathematically advanced proportions, the children of wack rappers get orphaned/
surrounding your casket with orchids/
i'm nowhere close to a mil, but close to overdosage of pills/
and my assassination code is real, promoting overkill/
feeling like the six hundred and sixty sixth tactical training squadron forces/
authored my morbid phonics/
so I could destroy you more than four times/
dismember and disassemble the dysfunctional and disorganized/
the combination of chaos and apocalyptic mayhem/
reincarnating a dominatrix who formerly belonged to Satan/
mass marketed media just isn't emceeing to me/
scientists prepare for my arrival, working feverishly/
powerbombing Steve Austin, WWE illegal involvement/
I strictly battle emcees, Gods and, sea monsters/
and smash shit like some ravenous gigantic arachnids/
crashlanding into the Atlantic planning to destroy the planet/
slashing buildings in half with, metallic talons/
firing plasmatic laser cannons at the presidential palace/
You're on World War 3, I'm on Galaxy War 6/
pulling the moon from its accustomed orbit and tossing it where New York is/
and when it's time to fucking pay dues/
I verbally rape crews till all hell breaks loose/
a flesh eating stallion, biological weapon prowling/
devouring invalid emcees wheelchairing around public housing/
you get irreperably damaged, I lay you flat bitch/
any rap you spit, I hopelessly outmatch it, with alien enhancement/
A primate recorded live to tape, my mind's encased/
in a fortified estate, screaming and kicking the iron gate/
unusual corporate mad bombers/
rhyming with a 357 magnum's recoiling to distort Pentagon electronics/
I'm the natural disaster to your sunny resort/
making one track minded emcees have second thoughts/
listeners complain and assert that their brains hurt/
I make your skeletal framework revert to plain dirt/
quite eccentric, traversing the nine dimensions/
a bioelectric cybernetic mindless chemist with a deathwish/
I took the head of Hercules to the three headed dog Cerberus and whispered "death is the resolution"/
and then I fed it to him/
this is how it's supposed to work/
we run in the label's offices strapped with C4 and see who blows first/
I blow the spot no matter who goes first/
slice my throat with the least amount of motion to exert and I'll just complain that my throat hurts/
my organ system gleams while I'm glowing crystalline/
every soldier in your team will get blown to smithereens/
when battling's the issue, I smack you and pistol whip you/
practicing jujitsu while standing on cruise missiles/
iller than excessive bleeders suffering parapelligia/
infected with emphysema having epileptic seizures/
propelling bombs into you with the spells involving voodoo/
pierce your heart with a spear, launch you to hell and barbecue you/
after the battle, now, we're friends? no, I clap the rounds instead/
thousands dead, twist your body till your legs surround your head/
my mind is destructive, with the rhymes constructed/
specifically for the final judgement, with more strength than five Gundams/
from the interior of cockpits, my nuclear bombings/
make you run in fear and horror into shelters heavily armored/
absurd verbalists my sword splits for torment/
murdering journalists for recording the war's events/
rap warrior slash sorcerer slash contortionist slash acropolis/
of fortresses with rocket launchers and F-14's supporting it/
just for reinforcements/
slash dictionary definition of what the ultimate maelstrom is/
I stand in the Air Force composite giving orders to officers/
who respond to this via radio yelling Roger/
from within an aircraft soaring at an altitude that's enormous/
before commencing bombardment of targets/
and post Illuminati I smuggle in video copies/
of me lyrically killing your posse and concealing the bodies!/
02:30am 06/03/2003
mood: hyper
politicians want to prove they wreck, my revolverlution shoots in the neck/
while also holding a ruger and tech, sideways, for the most brutal effect/
the fight starter with a mind designed for rhyme slaughter/
who might author the verbal equivalent of firewater/
i lyrically aviate gracefully and watch you plummet/
while you think you sound fly but you're a far cry from it/
i hit you in the skull and put your mind in your stomach/
and your spine scrunches inbetween like an accordian when Italians touch it/
the practitioner sermon whose strategy is tactically bursting/
raps faster than military aircraft afterburning/
my characteristics on the mic inherited from terrorist districts/
who feel their religious mission's to murder American citizen Christians/
I sit in the same room writing rhymes with Farrakhan and Bin Laden anarchistically plotting with the president listening/
then get in you worse than triple bypass surgery chest incisions/
and then I dead you faster than the 9/11 victims/
the best beginning of your unprogressive spitting/
can't even compare to my rhymes when I was in kindergarten and elementary scribbling/
I follow amateurish attempts with a professional finish/
and kick wack emcees in the face so hard their neck unhinges/
the judge, jury and executioner's death sentence/
electrocute you until every pore and orifice emits reddish liquids/
then I strap your remains to an intercontinental ballistic missile's jet engines/
and wave goodbye to you pathetic bitches/
i'm disturbed and down with the sickness/
in fact i'm probably housing the sickness somewhere in my consciousness's fixtures/
a heavenly theologian of the aristotolean/
ominously sleeping in a dark mausoleum/
when i grab the mic/
i pinpoint the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of those who can't battle right/
and issue unsaid commands to nearby servants to snatch their ice/
to instill more fear than Tina Turner remininscing on slaps from Ike/
in your afterlife I make the satanic pitchforks stabs numerous/
I'm the motherfucking phallus to your vaginal uterus/
with the style you jacked from Ludacris, get smacked for your stupidness/
smack the living fuck out of your wack ass with ruthlessness/
smack your fucking face until toothlessness/
smack you till you see duplicate, smack you till your head isn't where it used to sit/
smack you till you see stars and moons and shit/
smack you till you see star WARS, imperial destroyers, stormtroopers and shit/
smack the shit out of you, smack you till blood drips out of you/
smack the saliva, oxygen, ear wax, hemoglobin and piss out of you/
smack every conceivable bodily liquid out of you/
smack you at speeds that're impossible, smack you till the hospital's no longer optional/
motherfucker, i'm the irrepressible rebel/
who's heavy metal even affects the ghetto on a cellular level/
fuck rhyming for cream and magazines/
I'm a mixture of microphone fiend and Golgo 13, put it on a bullet and put it in your spleen/
from across a mountainous ravine, pa/
got your head in the crosshairs like your head in the guilliotine, pa - get your domepiece chopped clean off/
another wack emcee to eat raw and feed off/
wash him down with methane and turn my spit to nitroglycerin C4/
I'm the combination of a damaged brain/
the accurate aim of Max Payne, and the Green Goblin's jack-o-lantern grenades/
when they're landing directly in front of Spiderman and activate/
and blow half of the chrome mask off of the actor's face/
me know why dem emcee go heezee no when asked to challenge me, though/
I'll strangle you with your own intestines like Riki-Oh/
and after verbally killing it/
I eat the microphone and spit the razor-sharp microfilament, into your face, and write my name with the shit/
you little insignificant ignorant illiterate little bitch/
go lick an impotent dick dipped in Miracle Whip and sniff pixie sticks/
before I lop off your head with biological prosthetics/
formed from unusual bodily processes/
within the midst of wars and armageddon/
I swing sharp sword extensions, embedded in my arms like a cyborg fencer/
the moment my bars'll start/
water won't run, toilets won't flush, lights won't turn on and cars won't start/
I'm the resultant explosion that occurs when you take the bomb apart/
improperly and blow all your protective garments off/
God commanded me to follow the obvious cosmic law/
and start snatching ankhs off of the neck of gothic broads/
the optimal audible similarity's being stabbed directly in the optical/
with a sharpened tool/
you get your epidermal harshly bruised, skull cracked with a hard barstool/
heart snatched out with a harpoon/
then my platoon drains your bodily liquids into a large pool till your warm carcass cools/
chemically turn your bone marrow to fossil fuel/
I stay ill, raised in a cage and trained to kill/
wack emcees and fed nothing but broken glass and Dayquil/
a zombie, who'll verbally murder you and the rest of your people/
then tear your kevlar vest from your chest and eat you, I'm a walking Resident Evil/
I biologically metamorphose/
into a monstrous monster, approach you and stomp you till your jaw's broke!/
04:48am 03/03/2003
mood: bitchy
i go to war morbidly/
crash vehicles into the front doors of sorority dormitories to show blatent authority/
you motherfuckers don't know what war is/
I rhyme like I was there for God and Satan's first battle and kept Lederman's scorecard for it/
i write ominous rhymes in orbit onboard the bridge/
of an armored starship monitoring the planet's occupants/
an abominable creature with the anatomical features/
beyond the comprehensible reach of an archetypical thesis/
investigation of the death laying behind my entertainment/
is marked by skeptical statements, educated guesses and estimations/
derivitave of the Matrix/
dodging bullets fired by agents and kicking the sunglasses off of their faces/
and proceeding to integrally erase em/
by cyberdiving into their internalized data information and eliminating em/
i follow the white rabbit to a mic and grasp it/
and make a crowd of hackers suddenly wild out and smash shit/
you might try talking shit in this world of novus ordo seclurum/
but let's see you try and talk shit post mortem/
let's see you talk shit when you're no longer alive/
and a mortician's injecting your veins with formaldehyde/
let's see you talk shit inside a casket inside a necropolis/
with six cubed feet of the earth resting on top of it/
let's see you talk shit with no gimmicks, no lyrics/
no mass marketed image, snatch you soul, now talk shit with no spirit/
let's see you talk shit in the same language people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki do/
while I drop Fatman and Littleboy on you/
let's see you talk shit in a Pearl Harbor bombing with me in a cockpit kamikaze-ing/
spiraling a propeller into your spinal column/
go ahead and talk shit, while i summon awesome armored samurai warriors/
armed with katanas to chop off your twenty digits and four limbs/
you might catch me brutally harming, bruising and bombing/
or rummaging through the sarcophagus coffin of Tutankhamen/
you might catch me enjoying gruesome carnage/
severed heads of emcees hit the floor with a sickening crunch that's morbid/
you might catch me in the mosh pit with a wack emcee in a horizontal positch/
with a animal horn bouncing him up and down on it/
impaling his digestive organs, respiratory and pelvic portions/
spinal cord, esophagus, and thorax/
cerebellum, cerebrum, axon and dendrite receptor regions/
my emceeing will leave you em-bleeding/
mathematical apathy, disastrous catastrophy/
and galaxial anarchy will happen when you battle me/
shoot you with Armitage's gun in the optics and lungs/
i'm a demigod's son with Nimrod's tongue/
kinetically approaching Jesus with Jericho's legions/
and mentally blow the streets up like Tetsuo Shima/
my incisions interfere, causing millions to dissapear/
the targeting system flares, precisionally engineered/
mythical and ancient venomous entertainment/
a stainless steel blade with intricate engravings/
impractical practices to impact and shackle amateurs/
daggers rendering masters inanimate, accurate craftsmanship/
hopelessness intended, copesthetic amendments/
vocally descended holding an opalescent pendent/
my black plague parasitically contaminates/
my raps'll make the humanity race evacuate/
evaporate the premises, captivate my nemesis/
fascinate with embellishment, decapitate with headlessness/
mythological populace of physiologically vampiric dhampirs/
offering marijuana to the barbarian Shamshir/
with melanin pigmented, it's inevitably simplistic/
readily intrinsic, genetically imprinted/
the invincibility path envisioning my craft/
until the percentage of the math reaches critical mass/
then I beat you harshly with hatchets until your body's in fragments/
and use you for target practice till EMS gets contacted/
programming drones to activate active atom flow/
regional pacifist zones become disaster prone/
an oracle soaring orbiting the scorching torment/
historical swordsman forcefully gorging your organs/
elimination of philanthropists with incendiary packages/
literalistic anarchist, missionary misanthropist/
mitochondrial venom, monosyllabic ascension/
ominous logarithim ultimately augmenting/
whimsical crime scenes entering and combining with dreams/
my inner mind seems to be a genocidal machine/
massively volatile, opening Pandora's box and cube/
battle your small crew, within a mechanical assault suit/
harsh and sadistic abominable tempest/
that'll make your bodily cartilage, vertebrae column and ligaments nonexistant/
then I inject you with embalming liquid/
you'll be in a coffin by the time your mind comprehends it/
04:29am 03/03/2003
mood: anxious
when you're standing right in front of me, i slash your mic, stomach and knees/
with rapidfire redundancy, like vampire hunter d/
my soul's divinity, composed of mentally overloading entities/
foes supposed to limit me only increase my productivity/
impending repentence within the semblence of a sentence/
your miniature lineage simply presents a significant difference/
a self conscious article, enveloping selfishly operative tools/
impaling constables with a hellish elemental arsenal/
i carry sublime theories entering areas designed/
to tear the paradigm buried in every unwary mind/
ventilating assignments and innovating confinements/
penetrating alignments and integrating refinements/
in traffic i'm chronicled for drastic interferences/
the assassin responsible for ambassador disappearances/
combative adversaries in the aftermath are buried/
in the planet's magma sedimentary when they adamantly compare me/
a cybernetic man of optimal multiplying mass/
tearing the bodies of sycophants into equally sized halves/
hemophiliacs with leeches attached to anatomy regions/
the lack of anesthesia and lesions acts as a path to seizures/
dirty services serve to hurt and purge herbalist convergences/
words of verbal nervousness stirring murderous occurences/
constructing and writing rhymes for 2199/
in which the ones from my mind will be punishable as cybercrime online/
vital vision, consistently recycling intensifying system/
i'm a psycho victim of bioengineering/
in this downward spiral i've flipped through thousands of bibles/
and they all sounded alike too, is that ample grounds to smite you?/
identification cards being replaced with shards/
of DNA in the arteries and veins leading to and away from the heart/
thousands sprawled after the the mountainous brawl/
doubting my downfall while downing and drowning in alcohol/
i write to beats while dogfighting at ninety feet/
flying at speeds that ignite the enamel in my white teeth/
skeletons in the closet and hell in my pocket/
and neurotic cells jailed in my melanin deposits/
language inheriting bastard angrily smashing skeletons/
my imaginary friend is an Evangelion/
possessing a mind capacity of a divine anatomy/
trying to rhyme and battle me will be your Final Fantasy/
the notion's monolithic, denoting modern physics/
I wrote a lot of lyrics that were postapocalyptic/
revisionist texts within the depths of a dimensional hex/
leave you infinitely perplexed with the malignant effects/
i damage you, transform into a biomechanical animal/
and begin stabbing you with a retractable mandible/
the wrath of the ninja, masked avenger/
rapidly slash and injure your ass until your limbs numb and then some/
the visceral viciousness of M. Bison when he's high-strung/
armed with the mythical Trigun, igniting your right lung, eyes and tongue/
tentacle tendrils begin digging through the impenetrable mental/
of ignorant fools when extended through my physical/
who want it, firestorms of bubonic make you lose consciousness/
get bruised in the mosh pit to the point where pain is euphoric/
raised to be the champion, patiently training for matches/
walk into royal rumbles vacantly handed, be the only remaining being standing/
hunger pains end resultant in anguish from vulgar language/
one punch changes kidney and stomach arrangement/
foul mouthed short tempered temperament, explosions injure innocents/
bystanders, witnesses, women, children, and geriatric fishermen/
an act of vigilance and ambivilance/
my actual significance is the rap equivalent of savagery and viciousness/
04:09am 03/03/2003
mood: bored
objectives halted, multiple vestibules offered/
whenever the topic is centered on it I become Sephirothic/
similar to a paganistic atheist homosapien satanist/
praying to inverted crosses for power that's limitationless/
my holy soul will be legendary/
destined to be buried in the depths of the pet semetary/
i murder every wack emcee living with unadulterated killings/
then use genetic clones of me and repopulate the planet with em/
i possess the accuracy needed to smack an emcee with/
mathematical procedures extracted from the zenith/
rhyming closed captioned, driving foes to madness/
inside a cold asylum smashing their dome into foam padding/
my mind's programming snaps spines and both brandished/
arms of onlookers so they can't hold cameras to photograph it/
carrying verbal precision centerfire caliber automatic/
i murder wack emcees by aiming inbetween the antlers/
then tie the corpses up with tourniquets/
stripping the internal organs and inedible portions off em/
then i eat them alive, they're shuddering while they're listening/
indescribable fear of being inside an oven simmering/
i sit at thanksgiving and devour you for dinner and/
i even eat the notebook that you keep the wack lyrics in/
i verbally destroy you, you'll never again be audible/
then i'll make some comfortable moccasin slippers outta you/
i rip your mind, i rip your vertebral column and spine, i rip the divine/
i'll rip you god knows how many times/
i grow to gargantuan size, reach in the club and rip your crew out/
i rip terminator cyborgs by ripping the CPU out/
i rip it when i hold mics, i rip army rangers who wear camo at night/
i rip jack the ripper with his own knife/
i rip it from urban communities to suburbs/
occasionally i rip myself whenever i get the urge/
i rip emcees because of their distinct lack of integrity/
ripping em and watching them stagger around headlessly/
i rip emcees simply because it tempts me/
i rip those who claim they can rip those who claim they can rip those who claim they can rip me/
i'm sicker than flu season/
sicker than sick AIDS patients sneezing so hard it interrupts their breathing/
sicker than hemophilia symptoms and optical bleeding/
sicker than autopsies on cannibalism victims that're half eaten/
sicker than STD's from concubines/
all nine hundred and ninety nine parts of my mind contain a Columbine/
when i battle emcees i become a shadow with wings/
composed of nanomachines to damage your fragmented speech/